P. G.’s Pruning & Gardening Co.

Annie and Pierre Girard operated a landscaping and nursery business at 823 Jackson Avenue from approximately the mid 1970s through the early 1980s. The name “P. G.’s Pruning & Gardening Co. Ltd.” is listed on city directories from 1982 to 1985. Annie and Pierre are pictured above on the day they were married at the York County Courthouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick in December 1976.

As noted previously, Annie Girard owned and operated the building at 823 Jackson Avenue from 1969 through 1985 under a non-denominational ministry referred to first as the “Glory of God Church” and later as the “The Cry In The Wilderness Church“. During this time she kept the previous name of the “Fountain Chapel” as a reference to the building, although she had no association with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church. The AME used the name Fountain Chapel when services first started in 1921, but as noted previously the AME congregation gradually became smaller over many years starting at least as early as the mid 1940s and the last full time pastor, Rev. Ivan Moore, left in 1956, at which point regular church services ceased.

When Annie Girard first occupied the building she was known under her name from a previous marriage, Annie Walker. Pierre Girard was originally from Quebec, and he met Annie through the Jesus People movement. Annie and Pierre had a large bus they traveled across Canada on and it was during a trip in late 1976 that they visited Pierre’s family in Quebec and got married in a civil ceremony in Fredericton.